Fermentation Class | Sept 29

Fermentation Class | Sept 29

 September 29,2018        1:00pm        Thatcher, 218 N. Main, Buda, Tx 


Thatcher will hosting a Fermentation Class taught by Adam Blumenshein co-founder of Barrel Creek Provisions, Greenbelt Kombucha, Texas Sake, and Strange Land Brewery.  

The class will cover the basic principles of fermentation focusing on probiotic vegetable preservation by use of salt brine (no cooking or vinegar used).

The principals will be quickly applied by each class member fermenting 64 ounce jars of 3 vegetables: Cucumbers, Sauerkraut, and Carrots.  

All items needed for fermentation will be supplied for you to take home with you including jars, fermentation air locks, recipes, and all ingredients.

**Please bring a 6 - 9" knife from home for cutting cabbage and carrots.**


Free samples from Barrel Creek Provisions, Strange Land Brewery, Greenbelt Kombucha, and Texas Sake will be provided!